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ALPS is an algorithm club that has been active since 2011. ALPS stands for “Algorithm Learners & Problem Solving”. The actual club activities involve participating in competitions such as ACM-ICPC in which students must use algorithms to solve problems.

CAT&DOG stands for “Creative Advanced Technology & Development of Game” and was established in 2005 as a club for Game Development Majors. CAT&DOG holds studies and seminars related to game development in order to improve the skills of club members. CAT&DOG also develops games and is currently receiving feedback and support from a Club Sponsoring Project held by NEXON and LIFEPLUS.


KOSMOS is an application programing club. It holds studies and seminars related to programing and participates in IT related expositions. It also holds internal projects to create programs the students wish to make.

KUICS was established on January 11, 2005 as an Information Protection club within the College of Informatics Computer Department at Korea University. KUICS researches a wide spectrum of security technology and Hacking Defense technique in order to take action against hacking incidents based on moral ethics and scholarly inquiry related to information protection and security.

KWEB is a club for Computer Department majors in the College of Informatics that was founded by students in the department interested in web technology. The club is devoted to the path of a web master by holding internal studies to build extensive knowledge related to the web technology and actively hosts activities to promote friendship.

LIBERTY is a non-major rock band club at the College of Informatics at Korea University. It’s a gathering of those interested in music to form ensembles and small performances.

WITHCAT started as a scholarly club in the Computer Department of Korea University in 2004, and was later merged into a club within the College of Informatics. It has continuously hosted periodic/non-periodic studies and meetings during this time. Main activities include life studies during the semester and ccp activities, security formula studies, and algorithm problem solutions during breaks. WITHCAT promotes a relatively free atmosphere for students to enjoy their studies and aims for group intelligence through harmony between its members. WITHCAT will continue to play a role as a meeting place for knowledge exchange (and interaction?).

A club for samulnori, traditional Korean percussion quartet.

ACKU stands for Academic Computing Institute of Korea University. Each semester it opens a variety of studies on a wide array of topics related to the major or other computer related areas, so that students may easily learn about them. After each study the club holds wrap-up parties, picnics, MT to promote friendship between its members.